Monday, January 23, 2012

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate...I think NOT

  Why do you vaccinate? Do you vaccinate because your Dr. says you should? Do you vaccinate because the hospital you birthed your baby in started without your permission and gave you a shot record? Do you vaccinate because your friends do or because your parents say you should? Why do you vaccinate? Have you ever truly thought about it. Are you scared your child is going to die? Or that they won't be able to go to a public school? Have you ever looked up anything on vaccines? Have you looked at more than one website or are you only going to the American Pediatrics website?
  We vaccinated our children at first. I followed the recommend schedule. Our oldest three children have every vaccine that is required to get into Kindergarten. Our fourth has all but the Kindergarten shots and our fifth only has a few doses of each, our sixth and seventh has not had a single vaccination injected into their precious little bodies yet! Before getting into why I will tell you, despite all of Hadassah's coughing lately (I am beginning to think allergies) my youngest two are healthier than any of my older kids who seemed to live at the Dr.'s when they were young. I can remember being told by the nurse, that they were going to get some cot's in the back for our family.
 When I delivered our fifth at home she of course didn't get her first dose of vaccines. However I did get her vaccinated, until I was educated. I began going to a study group and boy did I ever learn alot! I also went to a La Leche League conference where Dr. Bob Sears spoke on his book The Vaccine Book. He was neither pro nor anti vaccines but again I learned alot. I am sure most parents have heard the link between Autism and ADHD and vaccinations. Also our son got the chicken pox years after getting the vaccine for it. Our fourth got the measles after getting the measles vaccine. An extremely tragic incident right here in our small town happen just this year. A small toddler boy died from meningitis. Tragic yes, but guess what...that child was vaccinated against it!
  I am not one of those people who are going to scream at you over NOT getting vaccinated, but I do wish more people would educate themselves as to what kind of toxic chemicals they are allowing to be injected into their child's body. I have been turned down by every single Pediatrician in a large city nearby due to our not vaccinating, but I found a great local Dr. who doesn't mind.As long as I sign a form. But I have been in her office twice when she had a sub fill in and both have tried scare tactics to get me to vaccinate my children. You want to know a secret...Our old Pediatrician once told me that most Dr.s do not even research the medications and vaccines they are giving to their patients. They rely on the pharmaceutical reps that come to their office to give them what everyone else is giving their patients, now that TERRIFIES me!
  I mean do you even know how many complications girls are having over this HPV vaccine, yet it's still being pushed, not that that's the worst of them. Mercury has been removed for the most part, but it was just replaced by a toxic amount of aluminum-another heavy metal. Vaccines have he live virus in them. If some of these diseases are completely eradicated, why are we still injecting them into people? Then for all of us who don't want a toxic cocktail in our bodies we go out into public with all of those who do and we get sick from the germs coming out of you because you have the live virus pumping through your body. I know more people who get the Flu after getting the Flu shot then I do who doesn't get it. If you want to line up like cattle to line the big pharmaceutical companies pockets go right ahead, but read up as to what you are putting into your body and your child's. Here are some websites that are an interesting read.
just in case you want to look

Those are just a few, if you would really like to dig-please do there are many more. A newborns body was not created (by God) to withstand around 35 injections of such dangerous chemicals. So you can vaccinate your children, to each their own. I say it's a personal question. I just ask you to remember, just because a Dr. recommends it does not mean it's the best thing for you or your child. Praying is also a good way to ask God to guide you. Good Luck in making such an important decision, and please remember, I am not going to criticize you for your personal decision please do not criticize me.


  1. We didn't vax any of our kids after my first daughter turned two and I educated myself. SHe spent the first two years of her life with constant ear infections and antibiotics, yeast infections and finally we stopped. Stopped the antibiotics, stopped the vaccinations and tried natural things. We never looked back. That 'baby' is now 20 and my other 4 kids (aged 11-16) have rarely ever been to a Dr. for anything except a severa allergic reaction and one kid slicing open his foot and needing stitches.

    They're the healthiest kids I know. I did take one to a Dr last year for suspected allergies and when I confessed they'd never been, the Doctor said, "How wonderful! They must be so healthy!" and I was shocked, to say the least!

  2. Amazing isn't it? We always try to stay away from the Dr.'s However, we are blessed to have found a good Dr. that doesn't mind and treats a cough with honey rather than cough syrup. Glad to hear there are still good Dr.s out there. They are needed at times. I just think people need to educate themselves more. We also try not to use antiboitics. I mean mold is never a good thing. It not only kills the bad but the good as well. Oh anyway I could go on and on and on, ;-)

  3. I am also in this camp. Once I started educating myself, I stopped immunizing my kids as recommended and pick and chose what I felt was important and not. My kids' pediatrician is wonderful and has never judged me for my decisions, but the nurses in the office have been very vocal about their opposing opinions. And that's okay. We all have a right to them. I actually wrote about this topic myself.

    I've enjoyed reading your posts. Glad to have found you!

  4. Wow! I guess I have never really thought about it. In 2010 Gavin's Dr and nurses was almost pushing me to get him a flu shot so I thought about it, & decided to try it. I have never had one. That night afterwards about 4am I woke up to check on him like I did almost every hour that night! I felt his head and he was burning up! And breathing heavily! And with all the papers they give you after the shot scared the crap out of me! So I woke up Gavin's dad and we drove to the hospital. On the way there Gavin gpt sick 2 times all over me. And never has he gotten sick like that! I run in crying holding him. And after waiting for forever they tell me that it's all noraml reactions! They want to give 2 doses of the flu shot to young children. I refused to get it. He will never get the shot again!

  5. Oh wow Amanda! Poor Gavin. It's amazing what they "don't" tell you isn't it. Well I'm happy to hear your opting out, it really is very smart of you.

  6. "I am sure most parents have heard the link between Autism and ADHD and vaccinations"
    This was actually disproven. The doctor who published this study was later found to have falsifies his results-just thought you should know