Friday, January 27, 2012

I was Terrified for my Baby

     As we were wrapping up dinner last night, one of the scariest things ever happened. Hadassah our two year old had gotten out of her booster seat (the kind you strap to a regular chair.) nothing new there. She was sitting on my leg (which I had resting on the underneath bar of her chair, like a horsey) before I knew it she fell off my leg sideways, and landed on the back of her head! Now most will say nothing new there, children fall all the time. Jamie, her dad was directly behind us on the computer. He quicker than lightening picked her up rubbing her head. She screamed out and would not breath in for a long time, again not as if that had not ever happened before, remember we have seven kids. He turned around so I could see her, as I was telling her to breath ( I had baby Syhven in my lap-that's why I didn't grab Hadassah as fast as daddy) She then began to breath and he bent low into a squat to be facing me. All of a sudden she turned a gray color and her head began to go limp as did her whole body. Her eyes began to close and my heart began to drop! I got panicked as did the older children, all jumping from their seats. I started rubbing her face repeating her name over and over telling her "wake up baby", "open your eyes Hadassah" She slowly came to and I grabbed her out of daddies arms, much to his dismay. I grabbed my phone and sent a quick text to several all at once asking for prayers. I urged daddy and the others to lay their hands on her as we prayed.
   I knew not to let her fall asleep, even though she kept trying to lay her head on my arm. I just had happened to buy daddy M&M's (usually don't eat that stuff) and told Jakob to give them to her, knowing that would keep her awake, anything I didn't care what it was. A couple of hours later, when I finally let her get down out of my arms, she seemed a bit hazy at times and slightly off balance but not for long. We kept her up with us rather than putting her to bed. She cried once reaching for the back of her head when she began to fall asleep on my lap (yes with Syhven nursing away,also on my lap) and a bit later she kind of twitched making a face, which could have just been a dreamy kind of thing. We kept her in our room in Syhvens crib that is up against our bed (Syhven always sleeps with us anyway) for the night, checking on her regularly. She is fine today Praise God but I am still on edge to be honest. I was so very close to calling 911 had daddy not been there I would have.
  How very scary it is when such a horrifying thing happens to our kids. Granted I don't like boo boos and blood or scratched and bruises but this time, well there just isn't words to describe the fear I felt in my heart...


  1. Praise God! I can only image been through similar situations. God has surely blessed you with a beautiful family.
    Following via FNFW blog hop. I am your newest GFC follower.

    Patricia aka Mamaw

  2. thanks for the follow, I am following back and yes Praise God indeed!

  3. I'm so glad the little one is doing better. I think that I would still let a doctor take a look just to be on the safe side. Thanks for following my blog. I am a new follower here. Look forward to reading more. Donna

  4. I thank Jesus for watching over her and you it is scary when something like that happens, may be the first scary thing and I hope the last