Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why 7 kids and counting?

Well of course there's the obvious..yes you guessed it we have 7 kids. I also wanted to add some humor to my Blog. It seems as if at least once a week (usually more) I am asked, "are all these yours" as if they are something to be possessed like beanie babies or something. I have had the "Do you know what causes that?" "yes" I reply "and apparently I am very good at it" They love that one. "How do you do it", "you sure got your hands full" a friend gave me a wonderful reply to that one "rather full than empty" thanks Annie. I have been asked if I were catholic, as if that matters, but no I am not.When I had but 4 kids and was at an ice cream shop with a friend who had 3 they asked us if we ran a daycare, now I get this by myself, lol. I have been asked if I was going to go out for a TV show or if I was trying to out do the Duggars ( I don't like these 2 find them rude) Although I think the most rude thing O had ever heard, which I do not think it was intended for my ears rather the woman's daughter "Do you want to know my worst nightmare...That" Motioning to me and a friend who again at the time I had 5 kids and she had 4 by this time! The nerve of some people! I just don't understand why some people would say such hurtful things, or disrespectful things just because we choose to have a larger family than most in this country. Oh and I forgot my favorite, "are you done yet" Ha, who knows, I highly doubt it, why should I be done? Is there a number that you can get to that suddenly the shock value is so great no one asks anymore? I know I am getting a little tired of it all and so are the kids. But at the same time it gives me a chance to witness to people in my own way, so bring it on people I'm not shy. Yes I have 7 kids, yes I am married, yes I know what causes it, no I am not done, no I don't want to be on TV and no I do not want 20 kids,yes my hands are always full and I am a busy mom, yes I am a Christian and I home school and guess what I birth my babies at home with dad who catches his children! My husband is not afraid to change a dirty diaper and even clean one out (we use cloth, and not because we have to) my kids have chores but no they are not slaves. We have 42 acres and milk our own goats. Is it easy having 7 kids, no not always but would I change a thing, absolutely not! I love my ornery little energetic loud chaotic family and I am proud to be the mother of 7 kids and counting!

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